Product Categories

Micro-Scientific™ Detergent products are used for cleaning surgical instruments.  No foam detergents are specially formulated for use in automatic washers, while the low foam detergents can be used for automatic and manual washing.

Enzymatic Detergents

Enzymatics are pH neutral detergents that incorporate enzymes to break down organic matter.   Enzymatic detergents are best utilized in cases where the bioburden includes blood, fats, starches and other organic material.    Micro-Scientific™ provides different enzyme formulas to tackle different levels of bioburden.  Single enzyme formulas utilize protease enzymes, which decompose the proteins contained in blood and saliva.  Micro-Scientific™ dual enzyme formulas include not only protease, but also amylase enzymes which break down carbohydrates.   In addition to protease and amylase, Micro-Scientific™ multiple enzyme formula includes lipase to break down fats, and cellulase to break down fibers on surgical instruments.  Because enzyme detergents pH are neutral (6.0 – 8.9), they are compatible with materials and surfaces common in healthcare settings.

Non-enzymatic Detergents

Micro-Scientific™ neutral detergents are lower cost alternatives to enzyme detergents and have a pH range of 6.0 – 8.9. The neutral pH makes them compatible with materials commonly used in healthcare settings including plastics, soft metals, and anodized aluminum sterilization containers.


Lubricants are the leading type of instrument care products.  Micro-Scientific™ instrument lubricants have a neutral pH and contain rust inhibitors to protect all types of metal instruments.  The non-silicone lubricant frees instrument box locks and extends instrument life.  Instrument lubricant, also referred to as “Instrument Milk” or “Milk Bath,” can be used in automated washers or manually before sterilization.  Micro-Scientific™ instrument lubricants do not interfere with sterilization.  The solution will not separate and is good for 28 days once diluted with sterile water.

Additionial Instrument Care

Additional Micro-Scientific™ instrument care products include Stain and Rust Remover, Adhesive Remover and Stain Remover Wipes.  These products  extend the life of expensive surgical instruments by removing adhesive, rust and stains.