Instrument Lubricants

MicroLube-C™ Instrument Lubricant Concentrate is a unique rust inhibitor and lubricant for surgical instruments. This lubricant contains corrosion inhibitors that protect all types of metal instruments, including carbon steel.

No rinsing or wiping of instruments is necessary. After manual use, allow instruments to dry thoroughly and then proceed to sterilization. MicroLube-C™ does not interfere with sterilization and maintains free working instruments.

SPAWIN5LProduct Features Consumer Benefits
Rust InhibitorsReduces likelihood of rust, tarnish or corrosion. Product safe and compatible with all metals.
Neutral pH Product safe and compatible with all metal.
BacteriostaticShelf stable if stored properly – will inhibit growth of bacteria.
Environmentally-Friendly Biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-polluting formula.
Rinsing AgentsRinses spot & residue free.
Product NumberProduct NameSizeQuantity
SPAWIN5LMicroLube-C™ Instrument Lubricant Concentrate5L4 / Case
SPADWIN24SMicroLube-RTU™ Ready-to-Use Instrument Lubricant Spray710 mL12/ Case